StarLogo Nova

StarLogo Nova is the new online iteration of StarLogo, following in StarLogo TNG's footsteps. StarLogo Nova builds upon TNG's innovations, with several language refinements and new features, including:

StarLogo Nova Turtle

Createedit, and run games and simulations right in the browser, no installation necessary.

Share projects in public galleries for the world to see.

Collaborate on projects with other users.

Incorporate your own sounds and Collada format 3D models into your projects.

Organize code more clearly, with all runtime code now placed on breed pages.

Program agent interactions more easily with new Detection blocks.
Customize your breeds with user-created traits like energy, health, lives, inventory, etc.

Easily work with hundreds of agents, even on older computers or Chromebooks.

With no predefined agent limits, create 10,000 agents or more on powerful computers.

MIT STEP is pleased to offer several professional development opportunities for this exciting new tool this summer. Check the Workshops page for more information.


The Scheller Teacher Education Program (STEP) at MIT will host both week- and day- summer workshops using the new online version of StarLogo TNG.  The August 5-9, 2013 week-long session will allow teachers to identify opportunities for incorporating models and simulations into their instruction. Using our new online version of StarLogo TNG, participants will create and share 3D games and simulations aligned with their classroom goals.  Several day-long sessions (6/28, 7/8, and 8/2) will provide teacher participants with an introduction to programming using the new online version of StarLogo TNG.  A bonus day-long intro to programming family session is scheduled for Friday, 7/19. Learn more and register today!

Just Announced: TaleBlazer - Breaking New Ground in Location-Based Augmented Reality Gaming

TaleBlazer, the next step in location-based AR gaming software from MIT's STEP lab will be officially demo'ed for the first time tomorrow, at CSCL 2011 in Hong Kong.

Click through to learn a little bit more about the features of TaleBlazer, or enter an email below to receive announcements about the software as it develops and is released.


A TaleBlazer script programmed with blocks.

TaleBlazer is a new rich Internet application from MIT's STEP lab to author smartphone location-based augmented reality (AR) games. Announced during summer '11 and demo'ed for the first time at CSCL in Hong Kong, it will break new ground in location-based AR game building. Features will include:

  • Visual blocks-based scripting - prevents syntax errors, while enabling programming of rich interactivity.
  • Interactive data layers and sampling - create models for player exploration and discovery of thought provoking scientific topics.
  • Conditional dialog creator - interact with characters in new ways; no more single-track conversations
  • No local installation - the TaleBlazer Game Maker will be entirely web-based for easier implementation in schools and elsewhere
  • Save to cloud, download to smartphone - logon with your account, and have instant access to games from any computer attached to the Internet, then play from any iOS or Android smartphone with GPS.

StarLogo TNG Turns 1.5!

After two years of feature improvements and bug fixes, StarLogo TNG is finally turning 1.5!  The easiest and coolest way to program agent-based simulations and 3D video games is now even more powerful, with the addition of several new features including: