Klopfer and Haas Release The More We Know

Eric Klopfer and Jason Haas release The More We Know: NBC News, Educational Innovation, and Learning from Failure. In The More We Know, Klopfer and Haas describe the rise and fall of iCue, an interactive learning venture that launched in 2006 and combined social networking, online video and gaming. In focusing on what iCue can teach us¬ about the challenges of innovation in education, they remind us of all that we can learn from failure. James Paul Glee calls The More We Know a must read for would-be reformers and “for all the rest, a delicious insider’s tale.”

Blog about STEP in EdWeek

STEP Visiting lecturer Justin Reich recently blogged for EdWeek about teaching MIT students and their use of technology.

Welcome to STEP

The Next STEP For more than 15 years the Scheller Teacher Education Program has been training MIT undergraduates to become secondary school science and math teachers. During that time there have been many changes, as the program has grown and expanded its reach. Nearly a dozen staff, plus undergraduates and masters students from computer science and Comparative Media Studies work on the many research and development projects going on in the lab. These research projects include design, development, implementation, and research around new ways of teaching math and science through games and simulations. The expansion of the STEP program has led us to new quarters in the Media Lab Complex (our building is known as E15, or the Weisner, building on campus), which we felt in turn deserved a new web site. This blog marks the launch of that site, with a new design and a pipeline for more frequent updates and information from and about the lab.